A tool for the immediate evaluation of customer experience

Ever wondered how customers view your products and services? Find it out in real time and take appropriate action on multiple levels.

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Customer Experience Redefined

Have all touchpoints under control, from branches to call centres, websites or marketing.

Track customer experience right after it occurs and maximize customer retention.

Ask the right questions at the right time and get more relevant data from more customers at much lower costs.

Minimize losses and troubleshoot problems thanks to the unique Red Alert System, which notifies you about especially unhappy customers.

Have all the data at hand with our intelligently organized, user-friendly and highly customizable real-time reporting application.

Take advantage of artificial intelligence and let the app automatically code and evaluate textual responses.

Inside ASAP

User-friendly Dashboard

Data are available immediately after collection. See the latest results or the development over time. Filter by date of trigger, numerous criteria and use various in-built analytical tools. Manage user rights with various access levels.

All the questionnaires in one place

Filter and sort questionnaires according to desired criteria. See all the answers and review text-based questions.

In-depth views

View the results for each respondent in a comprehensive form complemented by information from the CRM or other database.

  • Export to Excel
  • Optimized for printing
  • Integration with CRM/loyalty programs

Addressing customers makes sense

Eye-catching invitations

An attractive design in line with your corporate style together with personalized communication increases willingness to provide feedback.

A fully responsive environment

Everything is tailored to your needs while utilizing the whole range of question types.

Automatic & targeted

Questionnaires are automatically sent to customers selected by predefined triggers. They can be sent out via email, SMS, implemented into apps, website or other tools.

Less is more

Short and to the point surveys are the key to success.


“Before setting up ASAP people from NMS organized a workshop to find out our exact needs and expectations. The result was definitely worth it. The reporting is intuitive and easy on the eye while questions can be effortlessly sorted out according to various criteria. Working with ASAP is a real pleasure.”
Blanka Šperlingová, Société Générale
“NMS Market Research s.r.o. we liked it from the beginning, especially for the wide range of services it provides. The preparation of the methodology for the survey of client satisfaction in medical facilities of our type was not easy, so we appreciate the approach and patience of colleagues from NMS who participated in the preparation. Furthermore, we appreciate the helpfulness, flexibility and almost immediate feedback in case of any problems. The client satisfaction survey is a benefit for us, it enables quick feedback with the client, where in some cases we also prevent complaints, and work with colleagues on effective preventive and corrective steps. The ASAP application, in which we work with data, allows quick and easy access to all survey results. We appreciate the clarity and simplicity of the application, which allows data export or fast and structured preview”
Martina Mahútová, Canadian Medical

About us

Starting 1999 we aim to help our clients – the largest players on the market – to improve their customer service, to offer better services in general and attract new customers, all thanks to the marketing research we provide.

Alongside our headquarters in Prague we run a branch in Slovakia and Hungary. Furthermore, for some of our clients we've also conducted research in Poland, Hungary and Romania.

We are a member of the SIMAR organization (Association of Agencies for Market Research and Public Opinion) and ESOMAR (World Organization for Research of Public Opinion and Marketing Research).

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