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Customer Experience Redefined

Establish the right CX strategy and improve your company's business performance with regular monitoring of instant feedback. ASAP Feedback is a powerful tool for process optimization, efficiency improvement and better management. With it, you'll improve customer satisfaction, retention, and gain the ability to respond immediately to serious issues.

With the ASAP Feedback platform, you are assured of automatic data import, global measuring, reporting in different languages and connection of outputs to your systems. Choose from our predefined solutions or take the route of a customised setup.

We will recommend the appropriate data collection method or combination of methods (online or telephone survey, sms, pop up, QR code or other). We will take into account whether you have a database and which target group you want to target.

With ASAP Feedback you can control various inputs

Customer experience

Measure instant feedback immediately after contact with a key touchpoint or at an important stage in the customers' lifecycle. Measure satisfaction and loyalty, customer effort or business potential through a short, brief and concise questionnaire.

Employee experience

Ask for a feedback from those who are in daily contact with customers. Because happy employee = happy customer.

Invitation - Questionnaire - Dashboard

Inside ASAP Feedback

ASAP Feedback has data export to Excel, optimized dashboard for printing or integration with CRM/loyalty programs and many other useful features.

  • Moderated Discussion preview
  • Diaries preview
  • Quick Polls preview

Extensional modules

Find out how high the bar is in your sector

The NPS Bar is a unique project by NMS Market research that provides an overview of NPS benchmarks for 10 segments in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. The data collection delivers more than 30,000 ratings for 300 brands on a quarterly basis. The results are continuously published in a reporting application.

Take control of your reviews and manage your online reputation

Online Reviews Monitoring automatically collects feedback and reviews specific to the store from selected sources, and incorporates this data into online reporting. This means you will never miss a new online review on any of the selected platforms. The key tools are Mutli-site monitoring, AI comment analysis, Online reputation management (Email Alerts, Response options, Benchmarking, KPI monitoring) and Data integration.

Why NMS?

Monitor your results: watch the changes in real time, connect data with information from CRM or loyalty programs, code your text responses with AI, get translations of text comments.

Improve your performance: calculate KPIs and set targets, motivate employees with the GOOD JOB tool, minimise losses and solve problems with the unique RED ALERT system that alerts you about dissatisfied customers. And last but not least, optimise processes by using the TASK MANAGER tool and make adjustments ASAP.

Key principles of ASAP Feedback solution


Short questionnaire, fully responsive environment, high return rate


Simplification of all processes, elimination of human error, lower costs


Fresh client experience, data available immediately after collection


Interactive applications with hierarchical approaches


In London, New York or Paris - always 24/7


Summary reports and detailed analyses, sorting by various parameters


Aligning processes, motivating employees, saving a specific customer


All data is carefully secured and protected

Big players trust ASAP

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  • Komerční banka
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